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How to Submit Posts / Articles related to agriculture and its related fields & Get Featured on Agriavenue?


write Article/post for Agriavenue.

Agriavenue is growing at a very fast pace only due to its wonderful users and the cause for which we started Agriavenue i.e “For making progress towards a better agricultural world”. It is you who continuously motivate Educators and Volunteers from all over India to contribute towards the agricultural society. After all, it is our belief that Free Content availability is the future of Indian Agricultural System where everyone should have access to the content so that he/she can come out of the solution one is searching for.

We at Agriavenue strive hard to bring each & every bit of agricultural information through this website & keep you abreast of the minutest details in Urban agriculture, vegetable farming, fruits farming, livestock farming, poultry farming, organic farming, agricultural tools, agricultural products etc.

NOW ITS YOUR TURN  ……………share your valuable Post/Article or Piece of Information, so that everyone in the entire community gets benefitted by it.

Here’s how it works:

  • As a volunteer, you decide a Post that one wants to write on.
  • Before writing a Post, you make sure that a similar post has not been written/published already on Agriavenue by simply searching for it through the Search Bar at the top right corner of the website.
  • Post/Article or Piece of Information can be in either Hindi or English Language.
  • Once you are sure that you have a topic to write upon, use Microsoft word or similar format to write. You can also send us the article in PDF format as well.  Send us the article at [email protected]
  • Don’t forget to write the Post Title, Sub Headings and of course Post Content.
  • Our Experts review the Post and will Publish (with or without modifications) accordingly.
  • You will feature as the Author in the Articles published by you on Agriavenue.
  • On each Published Post, others can comment and provide feedback to help the Author improve in future posts.


* Posts / Articles submitted by users are on the basis if Voluntary services to help agriculture fraternity benefit from your expertise or knowledge.

*While submitting, you agree to the fact that this is a voluntary service and Agriavenue has all the rights to publish this post on their entire platform and submitter has no copyright / IPR over the post/article published.

* You also agree that submitting an article/post does not necessarily mean that it will be approved by Agriavenue experts. Agriavenue has the rights to alter and edit the post if required.

* All Rights Reserved by Agriavenue.



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