What are genetically modified crops & their food safety?

Genetically Modified Crops(source-https://www.slideshare.net)
G.M. crops stand for Genetically Modified crops, derived from or produced by GM organisms have been altered through genetic, does not include forms of genetic modification such as selective breeding and mutation breeding. They are modified by taking a gene from another cell type and adapting it into the GM organism DNA, also known as the recombinant method or genetic engineering. GE crops are produced using laboratory techniques where genetic material from the cells of one species is transfer...

Diara Land & Cucurbit Cultivation – Riverbed farming(Innovative Farming).

Let us explain you Individually the meaning of both "Diara Land" & "Cucurbit" . Diara:  Diara is the piece of land that has got created in the middle of the river Ganges as a result of deposition of sands over the decades. Cucurbit: A plant of the gourd family ( Cucurbitaceae ), which includes melon, pumpkin, squash, and cucumber.   Diara land farming or riverbed cultivation is a very old practice (possibly started during the Mughal period) of growing vegetables on the b...